UK Public Sector Procurement Government Bodies Stakeholders and Spend Strategic Suppliers Detailed Report Only

Executive Summary

The report is an introductory guide to procurement process in UK Government sector. The Central Government (CG) spent £683 Bn in 2019-20 which was divided between the multiple departments under its jurisdiction. In 2019-20, the Department for Work & Pensions accounted for nearly 26% of the overall spend by the CG. The report also offers a comprehensive view of the Local Government structure within the country and the expenditure by England and Scotland. 

Crown Commercial Services (CCS), an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK is expansively covered within the report.
Apart from Local Government overview, the study includes overview of NHS and Higher Education. NHS had maximum expenditure in England with 83% of spending in the region in 2018-19. There are 178 higher education institutions in UK with maximum expenditure in England. Additionally, the report also lists the top facilities management (FM) opportunities in 2020-23 period. Which are the near-term lucrative opportunities? What primary FM services are expected to be outsourced over next three years? Largest outsourced contract and biggest competitor?


Key Highlights:

The report includes structure, overview and expenditure split of CG, CCS, Local Government, NHS and Higher Education. It also discusses procurement and tendering process in CG with links to contract databases for key regions in UK. Some of the key highlights of report are:

  • Total expenditure by Central Govt. in 2019-20 with a department-wise break-up
  • Total expenditure by local Govt. in 2018-19 with sectoral split in England and Scotland
  • NHS hospitals breakdown by region and expenditure by country since 2014
  • Higher education institutions in UK and expenditure by region
  • New FM opportunities in 2020 and upcoming rebid opportunities until 2023
  • Strategic suppliers across different public sectors in UK including construction, FM, IT,telecoms and Consulting
  • Focus on key strategic suppliers in FM vertical with details such as capabilities,recent financials and CCS contracts
  • Proportion of Departmental Procurement Spending with Strategic Suppliers in 2019
  • Detailed description on CCS, along with its products, FM framework agreements and key stakeholders in CCS

Table of Contents:

  • Structure of Central Government
  • Central Government Spend
  • Procurement Process Adopted by Central Government
  • Overview of Crown Commercial Service (CCS)
  • Overall Categorisation by CCS
  • Key Stakeholders Biography (CCS)
  • Local Government Overview
  • Top Opportunities
  • Strategic Suppliers