UK Education Market– Overview, Impact of COVID-19, Contract Overview in Education Sector and Share of services outsourced in this Sector (Report Only)

Executive Summary

In UK, there are five stages of education: early years, primary, secondary, Further Education and Higher Education. There are 150 local education authorities in England organised into nine larger regions and 250 further education, sixth form, tertiary and specialist colleges across the UK. What share of education FM services are outsourced? Of this share, how much is outsourced in public education FM sector? What are the total number of contracts and average value of contracts outsourced in soft FM, hard FM and integrated FM education (schools, colleges & universities) market in UK?

The study also talks about impact of COVID-19 on education sector. What methods have so far been implemented in schools, colleges and universities due to pandemic? What all food related safety measures can be deployed during this crisis period? How apprenticeships have been affected?


Key Highlights:

The report includes overview of education sector in UK with focus on measures to navigate through COVID-19 times. Some of the key highlights of report are:

  • Measures deployed to sail through COVID-19 times
  • Food safety measures followed in schools, colleges and universities due to COVID-19
  • Share of FM services outsourced in education sector in 2019
  • Number of deals with %age split between hard FM, soft FM and integrated FM over next four years
  • Number of contracts, average contract duration and value in hard FM, soft FM and integrated FM in both public and private sector
  • Outsourcing and COVID-19 opportunities

Table of Contents:

  • Education and Covid-19 Impact on Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • UK Education Sector Overview
  • Outsourced FM Market in UK: By Service and Sector
  • Top FM deals by Sector
  • Education Sector Split by FM Service Type
  • Opportunities in COVID-19 environment
  • Advice for FM service providers navigating Covid-19