Hard FM Services Market Overview FM Market in UK Outsourced FM Market by Type and Service

Executive Summary

Hard FM services are the services that cannot be removed from the premises and directly related to the fabric of the building. These services ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees are adhered to and most are required by law. Hard FM Services include but are not limited to Lighting, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Building Maintenance and Fire Safety systems.

Are you looking for quality insights on the UK Hard FM Market? According to Baachu Rain Database, the Hard FM Services contributed 36% of the overall Market size with a TCV of £39.2 billion with Building construction, Maintenance, Refurbishment and M&E services much in demand especially from the Public sector buyers.

Which FM Players were leading in Hard FM services delivery pack. What is the portfolio size of top Hard FM Suppliers. Local Government authorities were the top buyers of Hard FM services with a 25% share of the TCV followed by Housing with 21% share. Which other Market categories contributed how much to the overall Hard FM pie.

Which specialized services within the Hard FM were much in demand and how much they contributed to the overall Hard FM Business. Who were the largest suppliers within each specialized service. All of this and more in this report.

In addition, what is the size of upcoming market opportunities in the Hard FM space in the next two to three year horizon and which will be the largest buyers with the size of the offerings is covered in this report.

The report also covers broader trends and Challenges facing the Hard FM sector within the FM Industry.

Key Highlights:

The report includes overview of Hard services market in UK, FM service provider landscape, impact of COVID-19 and opportunities arise thereof, buyer approaches to current contracts and planned procurements, Outsourced FM Market in UK and deal volume by type of FM over next four years and digital trends in Hard service industry. Some of the key highlights of report are:

  • Overview of Hard Services Market in UK
  • Categorisation of players by hard services in FM Market (Public and Private)
  • Overview of outsourced FM Market in UK: Split by Service & Sector, Share of key players
  • Deal volume by type of FM over next four years
  • Type of approach in different markets of public sector FM 
  • Upcoming Key Outsourced FM opportunities 
  • Impact and opportunities due to COVID-19 on Hard Services market in UK
  • Advice for Hard Services suppliers navigating Covid-19

Table of Contents:

  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Hard FM services sector
  • FM Service Provider Landscape
  • Overview of global Hard FM market
  • Outsourced FM Market in UK: By Service and Sector
  • Deal Volume over next four years: Split between Hard FM, Soft FM and Integrated FM
  • Hard FM deal figures in key sectors
  • Opportunities in COVID-19 environment
  • Advice for FM service providers navigating Covid-19