Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Facilities Management (FM) Services Market Place Frameworks (Essential Guide +1 hour Insight session)

Executive Summary

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK. It is responsible for policy making, advice and delivering direct procurement services to government departments such as central government, local authorities, schools, NHS, etc. In 2019, CCS had a procurement spend of ~£18Bn and helped over 18,000 customers in procuring products and services.   

CCS has classified the sectors into 8 categories where products/ services are provided through over 130 framework agreements. How does CCS framework agreement work? What is the key CCS framework for FM procurement? How can private FM provider expand into the public sector? How can existing public-sector clients take the CCS route for contract renewals in the future? How to ensure that a player is well placed to be a part of the public sector FM supply chain of the future?

Key Highlights:

The study includes detailed overview of CCS, primary products & services, governance structure and biographies of people in key positions, especially the ones involved in Facilities Management (FM) services.

It focuses on critical FM frameworks with details such as value of framework, duration and number of suppliers. Of all the FM frameworks, the report includes analysis of two agreements (below) which enables to understand key buyers involved and types of services purchased:

  • RM3830: Facilities Management Marketplace
  • RM6089: Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2)

Table of Contents:

  • Overview of Crown Commercial Service (CCS)
  • CCS Governance 
  • CCS – Products & Services
  • CCS – Sector Categorization 
  • Key FM Frameworks
    • Category Analysis: Buildings, Workplace Frameworks and Construction Frameworks
    • Supplier Analysis of Facilities Management Marketplace and Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) 
  • The Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) Programme
  • Key Stakeholders – Biographies
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