Cleaning Services Market – Overview, FM Market in UK, Outsourced FM Market by Type and Service, Impact & Opportunities due to COVID-19 and Digitization in Cleaning

Executive Summary

FM Cleaning services involve contracting of a company to work and provide experienced commercial cleaners to help keep an office building clean and tidy. These Supplier companies also typically provide the latest and the best products and technologies to aid with their jobs, meaning the contracting company does not have to purchase the supplies on their own.
▪ Whether you have an office that needs cleaning or an industrial warehouse, facility maintenance and cleaning is there to assist you and your team with any maintenance related needs you may have.
▪ When it comes to facility cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the type of facility that you are seeking to get cleaned you may need to have it cleaned on a daily basis, other types may require cleaning at different intervals.
▪ Not only do the types of facilities differ, but there are also some facility maintenance and cleaning services which provide specific types of services depending on the needs of their clients. The FM cleaning services typically include:
➢ Floor cleaning
➢ Carpet cleaning
➢ Sanitary cleaning
➢ Kitchen cleaning
➢ Janitorial Services
➢ Laundry
➢ Window Cleaning

Key Highlights:

Overall FM Market in UK with Market size estimates from various sources with different methodologies broken into sectors like Public/Infrastructure, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and others.
▪ Deep dive of around 11000 Facilities Management contracts broken down by Hard FM, Soft FM and IFM services and 11+ Public and Private sectors (Offices & Commercial Buildings, Central Government, Local Government, NHS, Industrial & Manufacturing, Retail, Leisure etc) including upcoming tender opportunities
▪ An overview of cleaning services with headline comparison and Key Players in the UK Market, sectoral analysis for public & private sectors and upcoming opportunities for FM suppliers in the next 3 years.
▪ Cleaning Services Frameworks with Dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) and Lot based. Includes some key frameworks for this specialized service.
▪ Trends and challenges for Cleaning service suppliers and Living wage providers among cleaning suppliers

Table of Contents

  • ▪ UK FM Market Size Estimates
    ▪ Snapshot of the contracts monitored by Baachu
    ▪ Market size Baachu vis-à-vis Other Market Estimates

  • UK FM Market – Contracts Monitored by Baachu since 2018
    ▪ Figure 1: UK FM Market Public & Private Dissection – Based on Baachu Contracts
    ▪ Figure 2: UK FM – Service Type Split; based on Baachu Contracts
    ▪ Figure 3: UK FM – Market Type Split
    ▪ Figure 4: UK FM Market by Stream – Market dissection for Soft FM with Key players
    ▪ Figure 5: UK FM Market by Stream – Market dissection for Integrated FM with Key players

  • ▪ Headline Comparison and Key Players
    ▪ Market Sector Analysis

▪ Upcoming Opportunities through Contract Renewals 2023-25
▪ Sectoral Segregation of Upcoming Opportunities

▪ RM6130 (Crown Commercial Services)
▪ Y17028 Educational Cleaning Services and Public Sector Building Cleaning Services
▪ Other Key Frameworks

▪ Living Wage Providers among cleaning suppliers
▪ Importance of Sustainability within the cleaning Industry
▪ How Important is a Cleaner’s role
▪ Sustainable Cleaning & Technology

▪ Living Wage Providers among cleaning suppliers
▪ Importance of Sustainability within the cleaning Industry
▪ How Important is a Cleaner’s role
▪ Sustainable Cleaning & Technology

Top 20 FM Companies Relative Positioning of Leading UK FM Service Providers sub-contracted services, 2022-

Key vendor profile, which includes Business Overview, Market Strategy, Industries, Services
offered, Geographic Presence
• Mitie
• Sodexo
• Cushman & Wakefield Plc
• G4S
• Atalian Servest Global Services
• Compass Group

• Stepwise Research Framework
• Primary Research
• Secondary Research