CCS FM Framework RM 6232 Sep 2021 Webinar Summary

The live interactive webinar provided customers & suppliers with the latest updates for RM6232 FM & Workplace Services. We have summarised the principles discussed in the CCS Sep 2021 webinar which primarily focused on the Selection Questionnaire and Award Questions. You can read about the previous webinar here. If you have any further  questions, please contact CCS team at:


Keith Finnigan, Head of FM, welcomed everyone to the webinar. He introduced CCS. CCS plays an important role in helping the UK public sector save money when buying common goods and services. They are the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK. They use commercial expertise to help buyers in central government and across the public and third sectors to purchase everything from locum doctors and laptops to police cars and electricity. CCS team goal is to ultimately provide a sustainable solution and customer satisfaction remains of prime importance. The CCS Pillars include Buildings, Corporate Solutions, People and Technology.

Rob Bodell, Workplace Category Lead, walked everyone through the Timeline and Lot Structure.


  • October 2021 – Find a Tender release
  • December 2021 – Tender Submission Deadline
  • January – March 2022 – Evaluation
  • April 2022 – Find a Tender award (Target Date)
  • July 2022 – RM6232 FM & Workplace Services launch

The tender submission dates should be December or early January. Then the evaluation will be carried out.


Lot Structure:

He also provided information on the Specification update. 

To recap, the main changes from RM3830 are:

  1. Inclusion of Carbon Net-Zero module
  2. Expansion of the Social Value work module
  3. Inclusion of a new compliance work package within contract management requirements
  4. Inclusion of new requirements linked to the Covid19 pandemic across all work modules as / where appropriate (e.g. cleaning services)
  5. Expansion of the waste services work module
  6. Greater recognition of diversity and inclusion policies
  7. Revised security requirements (to include a blended solution) and
  8. Multiple minor changes aimed at improving the customer journey and development of call-off documentation (e.g. separation of services within a work package to simplify selection).

Mike Critchley, Pricing Lead, talked about the pricing structure. He talked about the services to be offered.


Work Package A relates to contract management. It included a total of 16 services. They are mandatory across three different lot types. Work Package B relates to Contract Mobilisation, C relates to Social Value and D relates to Net Zero Carbon. Work Package E relates to Maintenance Services and consists of 21 services. Work Package F relates to Statutory Obligations and consists of 13 services. Work Package G consists of Landscaping Services while Work Package H relates to Catering Services. Work Package I relates to Cleaning Services while Work Package J relates to Workplace FM Services.

Work Package K relates to Visitors Support Services, L to Security Services, M to Waste Management Services, N to Miscellaneous FM Services, O to Specialist Defence FM Services, P to relates to CAFM, Q to Helpdesk Services and Work Package R consists of Management of Billable Works.


Building Types


Standard Building Types to be Priced at Framework:

  • Call Centre Operations
  • Community – Doctors, Dentist, Health Clinic
  • General Office – Customer Facing
  • General Office – Non Customer Facing
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing and Care Homes
  • Pre-School
  • Primary School
  • Restaurant and Catering Facilities
  • Secondary Schools
  • Special Schools
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Warehouses

Hospitals are the new addition.


The price evaluation will be scored on a variance from the median basis. Each building type will be analysed separately. The rates submitted will be analysed to establish the median rate per service line and building type, which will then be used as the basis for the scoring calculations.


Becky Leftwich, Workplace Category Lead, discussed the changes in the Terms and Conditions. As discussed in the previous webinar the default position is Public Sector Contract. However, there will be an option to either bolt-on NEC 3 TSC or the NEC 4 FM contracts to those customers who wish to use this. There are a number of pricing options included for customers like Fixed Fee, Target Cost and Cost Reimbursable to add additional flexibility. Sourcing Playbook now also applies to procurements and additional changes have been made to CCS standard template.


Steph Porter, Commercial Agreement Manager, talked about Selection Questionnaire, Award Questions and Social Value Performance Indicators. To ensure that the Framework Contract will benefit from a diverse range of suppliers, a supplier will be awarded only 2 places per lot. Suppliers have to obtain certificates of past performances from customers they have supplied to in the last years. It can be from the public or private sector. You have to provide certificates and proof based on the lot type.


There should be a number of mandatory services the supplier should provide. There will be a table included in the selection questionnaire based on geographical location. Insurance levels will vary based on the lots. Cyber essentials are mandatory at the buyer’s request. Financial Thresholds will be set based on the lots.


There will be a character count per award question. Quality and Price Split is 60% based Quality and 40% based Price, but this might change. The quality score and price score will be added to make the Final Score.


Social Value Performance Indicators are as follows:

  • Worked with various stakeholders to develop framework social value Performance Indicators
  • Aligned to PPN’s
  • Will be measured and progressed throughout the lifetime of the framework
  • There will be 6 social value Performance Indicators included, covering;
    • Modern Slavery
    • Apprenticeships
    • Prompt Payments
    • Carbon Net-Zero
    • SMEs/VCSEs
    • Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
  • Performance Indicators should be submitted on a Quarterly basis
  • Performance Indicators will link into responses provided for award questions and each supplier will have their own baselines


James Scott, Commercial Agreement Manager, talked about RM6257 Security – Physical, Technical and Support Services. The Framework will be 1 Lot. There will be a potential for a Digital Platform.

Important Dates are:

  • Customer Engagement Session – Thursday 7th October
  • Supplier Engagement Session – Thursday 14th October
  • ITT Release Date – Spring 2022
  • Award Date – October 2022
  • Go Live Date – January 2023
  • Enquiries –

Becky Leftwich, discussed the RM6241 Housing Maintenance & Management Re-let. The existing Housing Management and Maintenance offering is due to expire on January 2023. The market engagement PIN was published in May 2021.  CCS welcomes your input in shaping the new agreement.


Rob Bodell, talked about the RM6264 Low-Value FM & Workplace Services. He discussed the current progress. Engagement with internal CCS stakeholders (e.g. customer experience team) is ongoing to establish customer requirements from a low-value procurement solution across all of the Public Sector. A PIN is being published, enabling Supplier engagement to commence. Further discussions with SME representative trade bodies are planned during September and October to explore areas such as the scope of services, terms and conditions, regional structure, entry-level requirements (e.g. ISO 9001), social value, carbon net-zero and current buyer behaviour. Work on the development of the DPS filters is ongoing.


The session ended with a Q and A session.


Reach out to me at, to discuss £35 billion CCS FM Framework Readiness and resourcing needs. My team of 20+CCS Framework Experienced Proposal Writers, Solution Experts, Estimators. Pricing & Commercial and Bid Managers will be glad to support your tender preparation and any specific growth requirements, just as we assist numerous local, national and international facilities services companies.

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